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HTA provides the simplest and secured option available in the industry for financing hair restorations. We ensure that our patients will get an affordable payment while ensuring that they can have their loan paid off in a timely manner for repeat purchases. We understand that the upfront cost of a hair restoration procedure may be more than some candidates can afford at one time. To make hair restoration and transplantation a reality convenient hair financing and payment options available.


If you’re all set to apply for the hair transplant financing, Call us now at 401850667, 422409456. By sending or providing information to HTA for financing, you consent to our financing rules, regulations and policies. You are also acknowledging that you have read and agreed to the terms of usage and the privacy policies.

What are you looking for? Definitely to keep yourself secured and insured! Hence, remember to get medical insurance done today! Once done, have a stress-free life ahead.

All the medication surgeries and transplants will all be covered under medical insurance…

Hair loss poses a real threat to self-confidence. No arguments on it. Save yourself from losing your hair at a young age. The reasons for hair loss could be variable, but it should not be taken for granted. Get your hair transplanted in India as the medication expenditures are too economical. Thus medical insurance is a compulsion. Two-way benefits are you to get back -

i. Your confidence in self-presentation

ii. You are getting the hair surgery done much economically.

Do not waste time… Get hold of your right - "Medical Insurance". The hair restoration treatment covers a huge expense, where the medical insurance saves your bank balance from flowing out in a forceful gush. Benefit yourself with medical insurance as it covers the cost of your necessary hair transplantation and surgeries.


The rate of hair transplantation varies as per grafts; it starts from $2 onwards.


The flight booking charges will cost anywhere from $600 to $1400. It includes the return fare as well. Note that flight charges vary as per booking date and time of year.

Airport pick-ups:

The one-way airport pick-up cost is around $60 to $70.

Lodgings :

Compared to other nations, Indian hotels are available at extremely reasonable rates. A normal well-equipped hotel will range around $35 to $40 per day. If you choose to stay in a 5-star hotel, the price will slightly go higher.

Medical finance support: Scenarios

Although the total estimation may be a quite reasonable one, yet under all possible situations, it may vary depending on certain factors. However, with all support from medical, financial companies, you can freely go ahead with your treatment overseas.

Scenarios when you may require financial support:

- Insufficient money to cover the medical expense

- Emergency shortage while on trip.

- Extra funds for advanced treatment procedure.

In case, the need of stay extends, the expense will rise. It is always wise to keep emergency fund ready. Keeping in view all considerable situations, we have partnered with MacCREDIT and NOW Finance to meet our client’s needs.

Benefits offered by MACCREDIT

- You will have your own personal loan specialist to who help to finance your trip.

- You can get loans up to $25,000.

- Fixed and competitive rates of interest.

- Instant monetary needs to pay for all your medical and cosmetic needs.

- You can have weekly or fortnightly payments.

- Options of flexible repayments.

- Long repayment time – up to 5 years.

- Online application and fast approvals.

For further enquiry, you can contact us anytime. Our team will be glad to answer you. Good Luck!