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Does your mirror reflect bald patches on your scalp? Do you really like them? Well, with baldness, unhappiness is inevitable! But you are not alone. If you look around, you can see a horde of men with similar patches and thin hair scattered on some parts of their heads. They might all be suffering from what we medically term as male pattern baldness or androgenetic alopecia.

Hair loss might be common but certainly not something to be entertained. It can lead you from patchy hairlessness to complete baldness. We understand that hair plays a crucial role in a man’s appearance and style statement. It is directly related to his youthfulness, beauty and confidence. If you are looking for the most effective hair loss treatment for men, male hair transplant is the solution.

We, at Hair Transplant Abroad, are providing male hair restoration solution for years. From this extensive experience, we can say, it is one of the most sought after remedies in the world for hair loss in men.

Treating male pattern baldness through male hair transplant surgery

Simply stating, hair transplantation is that process, where an expert surgeon takes hair from a healthy area of a patient’s head and plants them to the bald site of his scalp. Usually while treating male pattern baldness, healthy hair is taken from the back of your head. This is a very convenient and less painful method that can be carried out under local anesthesia in the surgeon’s clinic.

In the most popular method, FUE Hair Transplant for males, individual follicular units are extracted from the donor area (you yourself are the donor) and carefully transplanted on recipient site. The process goes like – with the help of an instrument; the surgeon will make a small incision into the donor site around the follicular units to separate them from surrounding tissues. Once this is done, healthy follicles are extracted and then placed on the desired area.


By treating male pattern baldness with us, you can enjoy all the benefits of male hair transplants like –

  • Your donor site will remain unaffected
  • No scars will be left behind making it easy for men to sport short hair
  • Brings back your natural hair
  • Male hair transplant ensures permanent results
  • Gives the best natural look for anyone to guess about the hair transplant you have gone through
  • There won’t be any pain
  • Quick recovery ensures that you can drive back home after male hair transplant surgery

With all these advantages, FUE hair transplant is considered to be the best hair transplant for males. For more information, you can contact us anytime.

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Hair Transplant Abroad has all the arrangements for you to avail the best male hair transplant. Prior to going through the thorough male hair transplant process, you can get free consultation as to which treatment or technique would be ideal for you. The hair transplant solutions we provide for hair loss in men have been approved by FDA.

Also, our highly experienced team is capable of treating male pattern baldness of top quality, that too at affordable male hair transplant price. So, you can bid your male pattern baldness a happy goodbye and let the breeze embrace your natural hair again. Time to bid goodbye to men hair loss!

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