Female hair transplant


Can there be anything more depressing than a woman losing her locks? Worse than that, their very ignorance leads to baldness! Every woman at some point in their lives has experienced hair loss. But the problem arises when this tends to continue. Usually, when hair fall occurs, new hair grows back from that place. But, after serious hair loss, regrowth of hair is not possible overnight. Consequently, the hair loses its volume. In that case, we give you the best alternative solution of female hair transplants.

Losing those lovely locks is seriously depressing and scary especially when they complement ‘YOU’ in every way. Strong and healthy hair not only makes you attractive but also boosts your level of confidence. With advanced female hair restoration Australia, it is much easier and convenient for all ladies to identify causes of hair loss in women and bring back their lustrous tresses again.

But before you undergo any treatment like female hair restoration Australia, you must first know what causes female hair loss.


Pregnancy :

One of the major causes of hair loss in women is pregnancy. During this phase, many hormonal changes occur in the female body. While hair loss in women related to pregnancy can be seen mostly after delivery of baby, it can also occur during the three trimesters. You must consult with a specialist in case this continues long after the baby’s birth.

Stress and Tension :

Now for majority, stress, anxiety and tension are their constant companions. It is a known fact that stress affects your health, but this very emotional feature can also make your hair fall out, being one of the major causes of hair loss in women.

Blame your genes :

Female pattern baldness can be genetic. You might have inherited the genes from either your father’s family or mother’s family and hence, the patchy baldness.

Tight hair styles :

Nowadays, tight hairstyles are a major reason to weaken your follicles and cause the curls to fall off. Tight ponytails, buns or braids create an excessive stress on your follicular units ultimately leading to female pattern baldness.


Yes! You have heard that right. Like men, women can also undergo female hair restoration treatment successfully. Today, it is one of the most efficient and effective methods of treating hair loss in women.

The process of pulling of individual healthy hair follicle from the donor site and transplanting them to the patchy and bald area is an excellent, painless female hair transplant solution. Medical world knows it by the name FUE hair transplant.

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People of Australia have trusted us to be the providers of best hair treatment solutions with female hair transplants. We help women with thinning hair for getting voluminous, thicker hair through the scalp. From surgical to non-surgical methods, we have an array of options at affordable packages. Hair Transplant Abroad will be glad to support you in getting back your honour through female hair transplants.